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Back in the Bay


Artist and Designer, Martin Grizzell, returns to the San Francisco Bay Area May 13-23, showing samples of his latest quilted creations and haute couture. They include Old Eyes from the 2021 Strip Panel Quilt Collection, Le Bateau Bleu framed art, signature Marseille Crossroads and Lily in the Valley cotton wax pillow shams (16"sq.),Afro Kimono, The Kimono Coat and Bougalan Blazer samples. Concurrent with Martin's arrival we are launching The Vestry Online Boutique (, featuring a unique line of handmade stoles for the clergy, laity and academic communities. The SF Bay Area return is packed with surprises!

Grizzell will be signing copies of his newly published book Quilts in the Closet-More than a Family Memoir, now available on or the link. And, today, May 23, 2022 is the global online launch of Martin's new CD, Riverside Gospel. It is the first release of the new record label, Recollect Records; The mp3 CD and individual tracks are now purchaseable on Spotify, Deezer and iTunes.

In appreciation of our hometown textile collector clients/customers, we are offer a complimentary NFT file of Lush Life, from the Old Eyes Collection with your purchase or commission. We have something for our fashionistas too. It's thrilling to get all dolled up with music. With each Afro Kimono, Kimono Coat, Bougalan/Kenté blazer purchase or commission you will receive a complimentary download link of the Riverside Gospel CD cover track of the late Rev. James Cleveland's signature song, We Are on our Way.

COVID19 restrictions, lock downs, shut-ins and general isolation has been a blessing in disguise, allowing for the stillness necessary to create and organise. In hindsight, we are grateful for the quietness that the pandemic imposed.

After a two-year absence, Grizzell is thrilled to be back among his own, if only for nine days. So, mark your calendars, make your appointments at or via And don't forget to "...bring your Bougalan!"


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