Middle Passage Big Bang

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Middle Passage Big Bang


From the 2008 Windows 20/20 Collection, Middle Passage Big Bang tapestry, measuring 2.10 meters square, is a textile representation of theinfamous crossing of millions West Africans to the New World.

Grey, rust, blackand silver silk are juxtaposed against a muted French polyester paisley. The palette is symbolic of the unknown.

Composed of multiple squares and rectangles, a faint horizon horizontally traverses the upper third of the composition, disguising the separation between past, present and future. Framed in vertical silk strips, the dark border gives way to an iridescent opening in the upper right quadrant. This opening represents light rising from the East, the rising of the sun. The border also suggests that Middle Passage Big Bang is a plane, extending infinitely in all directions.

When lit from the front, over 100 black diamond stones glimmer, increasing visual depth. They are metaphoric stars in a night sky, offering hope. When lit from behind, Middle Passage takes on another form. The pieced work and hand stitching spring to life, becoming a window into the lives of the passengers descendants. Some see a family taking a stroll. Others see plantation fields. Still others envision an urban landscape. The detailed design of the primary sideis lost, transforming into a backlit screen for the mind to sketch on.

Seven years in the making, Middle Passage tapestry is first in a 3-part series, exploring transfiguration through the dark with minimal light. The work is fully backed in an ecru dupioni silk. Both the inner square and outer perimeter are hand finished. The faceted black diamonds are hand knotted with a thin wire filament that will defy time.

The Windows 20/20 Collection inspires reflection while offering contemporary art options for home, office and commercial spaces.


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